NCBO is an abbreviation for Naniwa Creators BLDG. OSAKA, a co-creation space where various businesses such as a "guesthouse," "cafe bar," and "coworking space" are born. It provides an environment where people with various purposes can visit, feel inspiration from their encounters, and where diverse human resources can connect from empathy to co-creation. NCBO aims to be such a space.


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Some are business people, some are travelers
Some are chefs, some are programmers

4-20, Inari 2-chome, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-0023, Japan

  • 12 minutes walk from "Namba" station of Osaka Metro
  • 5 minutes walk from "Sakuragawa" station on Osaka Metro line
  • 8 minutes walk from "Sakuragawa" station on Hanshin Namba line

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